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Kiehl’s #ultralove charity project

Kiehl’s is one of the handful of beauty brands that has made a long-term commitment to giving back every year.

For the month of September this year, it will be donating 100 per cent of the net proceeds from the sale of three limited edition products to the Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF). 2016 also marks Kiehl’s 165th anniversary.

Each of Kiehl’s three iconic products, the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream ($48 for 50ml); the Ultra Facial Cream ($48 for 5o ml); and the Super Multi-Corrective Cream ($95 for 50ml); are all decorated in designs by Singapore artistes.

The money will go towards supporting the CCF’s top causes: Casework and Counselling; Financial Assistance; and Place for Academic Learning and Support.

The Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream, as its name suggests, is an oil-free gel-cream moisturiser.

While the Ultra Facial Cream is the richer, original formula made for long-lasting hydration.

The Super Multi-Corrective Cream is an anti-ageing concoction that promises to lift, firm, and even out the skin texture.


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