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Jeffree Star

If you don’t already know by now, I’m a huge fan of the indie make-up label by Jeffree Star. 

A former make-up artist and one-time Internet pop sensation, Star turned back to his all-time passion – make-up!- about a year ago. 

And he has proven himself to be a genius as a make-up formula magician.

He creates textures and colours that no one else has (just like how all the other famous brand founders Francois Nars, Charlotte Tilbury, Wende Zomnir of Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown, all started out).

Star takes things further with intense pigments, and shades that look like meh in a tube but wears beautifully on every skin tone. They are matte but not drying, liquid but so easy to apply, and lasts like no other.

His Velour Liquid Lipsticks are always sold out – especially the more popular ones like Unicorn Blood, Androgyny, Gemini – within minutes after they are launched on his site.

Star has since moved on to lip scrubs and some serious Skin Frost highlighters that will make you shine like the moon on a balmy evening; and an eyeshadow palette called Beauty Killer, his first hit single.

The colours are gorgeous, unusual, blend so well, and pigmented. They match beautifully with each other as well. 

Another factor contributing to Star’s success: his expert skills in using social media as a marketing tool. 

This former MySpace star (yes, literally star) now taps on Instagram (2.something million followers and counting); and his YouTube channel (more than a million subscribers) to entertain and entice makeupholics to buy his candy colours. 

Star is a natural entertainer: his videos of himself and a friend trying to put on mascara at the back of his ROLLS ROYCE (no-holds barred here); and what he keeps in his Birkin (which includes a chopper inside a yellow canary Chanel Boy), are a hoot. 

And that is why you should start looking out for Star and his products too. 

(Before his label gets bought up by an eagle-eyed conglomerate and …you see the demise of another indie brand…) 

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