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The palettes to invest in, now

Besides the awesome new BeautyKiller palette by Jeffree Star, here are the other face combo boxes you should consider investing in at the moment.

Like Star’s, the other two palettes that caught my eye on social media (as they were trending like crazy), are created by self-styled Youtube gurus who hit the jackpot.

There’s the Becca Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette.

I don’t know Jaclyn Hill, but her gorgeous and literally gleaming face palette caught my eye online and in the store.

Made for that ethereal, healthy glow, the compact features five shades inspired by delicious bubbly:

Pamplemousse – A deep coral pink blush with subtle gold flecks

Amaretto – A tan-terracotta blush

Rose Spritz – A rosegold-bronzey confection with iridescent shimmer

Champagne Pop – A crisp, gold-based highlighter with iridescent shimmer

Prosecco Pop – A slightly frostier highlighter with iridescent shimmer

Comes in a beautiful, hefty, gold-speckled casing.


Quick tips for using this palette and highlighters in general:

  • To avoid looking greasy and sweaty when wearing highlighters, avoid the T-zone and chin areas, where the skin does normally look oily if you have combination skin. And dab the pearlescent powders along the cheekbones only, not the entire cheeks.
  • If you have oily skin, make sure you mattify your entire face with a good loose powder or primer first. Highlighter on a greasy face is not a good look.
  • Highlighters, unfortunately, highlight flawless skin as well as imperfect skin. So just keep the light-reflecting powders on the more perfect areas of your face.
  • Use highlighters sparingly please. The make-up you often see on social media – excessive conturing and highlighting – is not to be worn in real-life, trust me. You’d just end up looking like you are trying too hard.


The Tarte Grav3YardGirl Swamp Queen Eye & Cheek Palette is really cute.

When I first watched Grav3YardGirl’s Youtube videos a couple of years back, a few things struck me:

  1. How intensely blue her eyes are
  2. How crazy she seems
  3. Refreshingly real although a little OTT
  4. She looks meh without make-up, but really pretty with full facepaint on

And now, she has her own palette to prove she has come into her own as a Youtube personality.

The Swamp Queen palette comes with nine eyeshadows and three blushers/ highlighters.

The colours look great together, and they’re not boring. This palette is on-point for letting you create that trending sexy rosy-wine smokey eye look.

Dogman – Dusky burgundy-maroon shadow with subtle gold flecks.

Natural Peaches and Big Baby  – Matte nudes

#SFS and Sassy Bun – Metallic neutrals that remind me of Urban Decay’s Twice Baked and Half Baked shadows.

Sippy Sippy – A rich chocolate with sparkly gold glitter

Mancat – Brown-dark maroon-plum

Uncommon – Metallic taupe

Haunting – Metallic, sparkly rosegold

Sweet Tea – Bronzer with gold flecks

Does This Thing Really Work? – Sparkly dusky rose blush

Gator Wings – All out gold glittery highlighter

Plenty of interesting looks you can create with this one…


The powders smell faintly of sweet cocoa powder too…and it comes with a handy eyeshadow brush.


The last palette I think is worth shelling out your money for is K-Beauty label Laneige’s Pure Radiant Shadow in no.10 Rosebay Garden.


I own more than a couple of the brand’s Pure Radiant Shadows because the colours are so easy to wear, they always look beautiful, and have minimal fallout with great payoff on the skin.

This one has a gorgeous maroon with complementary sparkly rose gold, subtle peach and a pinkish brown for a complete eye look.


All palettes featured are available at the new Sephora Ion Orchard at B2-09 to 15.

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