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This Works In-transit Camera Close-up

This award-winning product is favoured by people in-the-know and jetsetters.

Like Victoria Beckham and celebrity make-up artists. 

Here’s why.


Made to be a fuss-free do-it-all between travels (Shinkansen, A380, Greyhound etc), this is an all-in-one mask, moisturiser and make-up primer.

It contains hyaluronic acid, argan oil, and caffeine to keep skin hydrated, nourished and perky. 

The gel cream feels thick and enveloping when first applied on skin. But when I massaged it in, the cream was completely absorbed. Surprisingly, it left my skin completely matte with a velvety texture.

Because my skin is hydrated, it was not oily for the rest of the day. 

Think of this as a thick moisturiser that actually sinks into the skin; or a mask that you don’t have to wash off. Since it prepares the skin well, make-up applied on top stays on for longer.

Another bestseller to look out for by This Works is the Sleep Plus Pillow Spray.

It has a heavenly lavender scent to help knock you out in unfamiliar hotel rooms, so you get better rest. 

This is what you need when you have a tendency to toss and turn all night in a strange bed, but have a full day of meetings in the city the next day.

This Works products are made without parabens.


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