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TBG Interview: Pernilla Rönnberg, Founder of Estelle & Thild

Launched in 2007, Swedish skincare label  Estelle & Thild is known for its Ecocert-certified organic and potent formulas.

It is available in more than 1,300 stores worldwide. In Singapore, it is stocked in Sephora stores.

Making the transition to organic or “cleaner” beauty products may be tricky. But Estelle & Thild’s lightweight and effective formulas make it easier.

As Earth Day approaches, brand founder and CEO Pernilla Rönnberg shares – in an exclusive e-mail interview with The Beauty Gazette – why she believes in sustainable and “clean” beauty.

Do you remember the moment you decided that the market needs more organic skincare labels? 
The idea behind the brand came to me when my children were newborns. I was in a stage of my life where I wanted to do something else, something that was meaningful.

As a former CEO of a conventional skin care brand, I’ve seen the amount of chemicals that go into producing conventional beauty products, and grew painfully aware of how these affect our bodies and the environment around us.

I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to develop a sustainable business, producing organic innovative skincare without compromising on the experience or results. So consumers can make better choices for their skin, bodies and the environment.

How do you choose the skincare ingredients in your products? 

All our ingredients are certified by Ecocert. This means that behind each ingredient lies a rigorous process in harvesting and producing these ingredients. I work closely with our production team to create each formula, trying them all on myself before they go into final production.

One of my favourite ingredients is the Marine Micro Algae, found in our Super BioActive Range. This algae is very potent and high in antioxidants. It protects the cell membrane from UV-induced damage, shields the skin lipids against oxidation, and helps to repair signs of ageing.
 What are “sustainable bioactive raw” ingredients? 

Sustainable bioactive raw ingredients are organic, toxin-free yet effective ingredients that won’t harm our bodies or the environment. A normal skincare routine includes a high amount of chemicals and toxins, and about 60 per cent of these are absorbed into the skin. These toxins are then leached back into the water and our environment.
This creates long term damage in our bodies and the environment.

How was your experience in the personal care industry relevant to Estelle & Thild?

I worked in the industry for about three years. Before that, I worked in communications, branding and advertising. The experience of being a CEO for a beauty company and working in communications gave me a good foundation for building my own brand.

What are some of the brand’s bestsellers?

Our bestsellers are our serums and oils. They are concentrated boosters for your skin, to give you nourishment and deep moisture.
The BioClam Anti-Redness Serum and Oil are well-loved by those with sensitive skin. And the BioDefense Repairing Serum and Oil are great for fighting the first signs of aging. And of course, our Super BioActive Serum and Oil that work to repair the skin and have anti-aging properties;  it has won several awards in Asia and Europe.
Our cleansers sell very well, because they are gentle and doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils. Yet,  they get the work done. Each one of our cleansers have different textures; from gel and foam to milk, so everyone can find their favourite and the right one for their skin type.

Does the brand have any celebrity fans? 

We are loved by the swedish fashion models, such as Caroline Winberg. Penelope Cruz and Julia Restoin Roitfeld are also fans. We are very happy that celebrities support us and help us to inspire others to choose organic beauty products.

We are very proud to have been embraced by our Singaporean customers too.
We can really see that the organic movement is growing in Singapore, with more organic food stores, brands, juice bars etc., and we are so happy to be a part of this.

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