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Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light 

Hand-held beauty gadgets are one of the best inventions around for beauty junkies. 

Facial sessions get increasingly rare as one’s working hours become longer, or when  work-travel is a monthly affair.


A handy beauty gizmo makes up for all the missed sessions with the facialist, late nights and stressed days.

The plethora of gadgets out there include the supersonic vibrating brushes for deep-cleansing; those with mild infra-red energy to lift skin; and rollers with micro-currents to firm skin while reducing water retention.

Skin Inc’s Optimizer Voyage Tri-light is a multi-purpose tool. It emits three types of therapeutic light to heal skin (inspired by NASA technology to heal astronaut’s broken skin in space), as well as low frequency therapy stimulation to boost the penetration of skincare, and sculpt the face. 

Red LED repairs and firms; blue LED calms and clarifies; yellow LED adds a glow. 

To use: Apply a watery serum, such as any of Skin Inc’s encapsulated Skin Supplement serums.  

Then apply a thick layer of gel mask (like my fave Skin Inc Pure DeepSea Hydrating Mask which seals moisture in like no other gel-mask), and glide the gadget over skin.

Each light can be used for up to 10 minutes each time, twice a day. 

With just one use, with the complementary Skin Inc products,  my skin was immediately firmer, facial contours (jawline, corners of mouth) lifted, and lines softened (marionette lines). The skincare also sank in more easily.  

The Voyage runs on replaceable batteries, which makes it well, super convenient while you are on voyages.  

Available at the Skin Inc Concept Store at Ion Orchard, Sephora stores, Skin Inc’s e-shop, Luxola and Zalora.

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