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Shu Uemura skinpurifier ultime8 sublime beauty cleansing oil


The only cleansing oil you will need.

This strips your makeup off thoroughly but gently, and moisturises it with plant oils at the same time.

Works especially well on faces that are rubbed raw from heavy make-up removal everyday.

Afterall, Shu Uemura blended his own famous cleansing oils after spotting the beauty secret of Hollywood stars of yore – a cleansing oil – who had to remove their makeup countless times a day.

How to use:

Slather onto dry, dirty/ make-up covered skin. This oil is most effective on dry skin, rather than wet.

When makeup has dissolved, wet hands and emulsify the oil on face.


Skin still feels oily? Wash face again with your regular cleanser. Or wipe with a non-rinse water cleanser.

You can keep your skin healthy even when you wear plenty of makeup, everyday.

This is one of the ways to prevent clogged pores and breakouts. 

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