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Living Proof Perfect Hair Day


I love Living Proof. And this is one of my favourite products from the brand.
Jennifer Aniston, perfect hair woman, is on to something when she invested in this brand.

A lightweight styling cream, this really is Perfect Hair Day in a bottle.

I have dry chemically-treated locks so I need to treat the ends with an oil serum first.

After that, I layer on this cream as a finishing touch, and it adds bounce, volume, shine and definition to my curls.

A blast of hot air over the locks after application will give added va-va-voomness.


  1. i didnt know jen endorsed living proof! i love this brand, especially since i cut my hair short i use their volume line! please check out my new skin series on my blog all about the science behind skin as well as understanding your own skin and developing a complimentary routine. follow and i will love forever xox your local bohemian

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