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Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil


Because once in a while, you need a good facial oil.

Whether you have dry, combination, or even oily skin; plant oils can help to re-balance it.

I like oils as a night treatment.

Massage a few drops into the skin with upward circular motions, and your face will be left feeling supple.

This one is made with camellia oil (hence the name Tsubaki) and Japanese Sea Kelp; is absorbed easily and gives skin a megawatt glow.

Blend it into your foundation for added radiance, or undereye concealer to soften lines. Tissue off the excess.


  1. love this post! would mean the world to me if you could like and follow my blog! i recently started a skincare series that i think you might find interesting :) I am a medical student so it explores the science behind skincare and beauty! xox your local bohemian

  2. Good to know that tsubaki is equally effective for the face. I’ve only seen the hair serums so far.

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