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Beauty Icon: Dita Von Teese

She represents the epitome of a star with a signature make-up look that suits her to a Tee(se).

Perfectly-lined red lips, thick wing-tipped liner to help her seduce with her eyes; all against flawless, alabaster skin.

I can only imagine how much eyeliner, red lipstick and foundation she goes through every year!

She wears her immaculate pin-up look everywhere and with every outfit.





and she’s had the look since she was 17, apparently…with smokey lined eyes and scarlet lips.

But she’s still beautiful even with a hint of make-up on.
Then, she looks the opposite of her burlesque persona (if you discount the lingerie and come-hither look in the pic).


I go for this lined eyes, red lippie look only when I want to impress.

So what’s your fail-safe signature look?

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