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Shopping: French pharmacies


Where you can get the beauty must-haves of impeccable French women.

So I was in France recently and the first thing I did was check out the pharmacies in the neighbourhood.

Most French pharmacies, even the run-of-the-mill ones, are more well-stocked in great beauty products than anywhere else I’ve been to.

So I spotted this really nice, sprawling one in an exclusive neighbourhood.







They have everything from quality nail clippers, sparkly eveningwear-appropriate headbands to luxe Phillip B haircare and Mason Pearson brushes (one of the best in the world).

And at a good price too.

But as usual, I stock up on the best Micellar lotion brand out there: Bioderma.

It gets rid of makeup quickly and gently, and is good for the skin.

And I got some Klorane dry shampoo to keep my scalp clean, and hair voluminous.

So the next time you are in France, you know where to go get your beauty fix.

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  1. AHHH – this is like beauty porn. LOVE IT. I’m drooling over all those amazing options just floating around their drugstores. Do they carry Avene?

    • The Beauty Reporter says

      Yes they do! Any French pharma beauty brand you can think of, it is there :)

      • No, because I also picked up a bad sinus infection in France – not the best souvenir, mind you – but it will be up as soon as I’m better :)

      • The Beauty Reporter says

        Looking forward to it! :)

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