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How to put on red lipstick while in a moving car


Because I do this alot.

So, I’m always in a rush to go somewhere. And sometimes, I need to look nice, if not at least presentable.

I’ve tried to wear red and bold lipstick in a moving taxi, and I think I have suceeded. After many failed attempts.

So here’s how you do it, assuming that you’ve already got your base makeup – foundation and concealer – on.

Get a pocket mirror ready.

1) Apply some lipstick on the middle-inner part of your lips. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Then blend the colour out towards to your natural lip line.

Now you have a soft and just-bitten look. You can just stick with this.

2) If you want a bolder look, here’s what you do: dab the lipstick – all over lips but within the natural lip line – to press the colour in. This makes sure lips are coloured so you only need to define the lip line later.

3) Then when the car is on a straight road without bumps, press the lipstick firmly but gently on lips, and glide it swiftly along the lip line.

The trick is to have a firm hold on your rouge so that you won’t make a mistake even when the car swerves (gently).

Start from the outer corners of the lower lip, and end in the middle. Repeat on the other side.

Move on to the upper lip, start from outer corner and end in the middle (one half of the cupid’s bow). Repeat on the other side.

4) If you make a mistake, clean it inwards towards lips with a tissue (or clean fingertips). Not outwards because that will make the mess worse.

Then gently press lips together to even out the missing patch of colour removed during the correction. Dab lightly with lipstick on the patch to add on the colour.

Touch up the missing patch of foundation around lips (cleaned off during correction).

Now you’re good to go. 

P.S: Please use common sense and don’t put on lipstick while driving.

image source: Internet

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