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The shoulder-length cut


There’s just something so attractive about a woman with shoulder-length hair.

I’m trying to grow out my bob.

My hair has never made it past my shoulders in the past decade because it just can’t grow out right.

Or maybe I just went to the wrong hairstylist.

But after looking at these pictures, I’m determined to persevere.


With their tresses just grazing their collarbones, these celebs looks fresh, feminine and youthful.


I think I’ve found the trick to making my hair grow out nicely.

1) You don’t have to grow it out evenly; try an asymmetrical fringe or bob. So you still look stylish. Then even it out only when the hair has reached your desired length.

2) Get the stylist to thin out your hair from within, not from the outside, which can give you a very unsexy, dated mullet-ish look.

picture source: Getty and various sources on the Internet

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