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Face: SK-II Men Facial Treatment Essence


So you want to know what’s the difference between SK-II Men Facial Treatment Essence and the regular one?

Hubs bought a bottle once it hit stores at the end of June. He is a big fan of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (FTE) and so am I.

I’m on to my second 150ml bottle and my skin has become fairer, more translucent and smoother. Can’t do
without it.

Anyway, Hubs has been using SK-II Men FTE for the past month or so.

He says the main difference is that it feels more refreshing on the skin, like menthol.

That minty feeling is apparently what men love. Hubs likes it, but it stings his eyes sometimes, because he likes to rub and splash the FTE all over his face.

The Pitera content is the same as the regular one, and so the effect is similar.

At $99 for 75ml, it is also the same price as the regular FTE.

update Sept 6: Hubs says somehow the original
SK-II FTE works better for him

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