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Beauty quick-fixes

I’m rushing for time most mornings.
So I’ve come to realise a few things you should (and shouldn’t do) with your hair, make-up and clothing when trying to look fresh and good for the rest of the day in 20 minutes flat.

1. Take a quick shower. It will freshen you up so that you can work on your face faster.

2. If you woke up with a bad hair day, and have short hair, just wash it again. No point trying to tame an unruly chunk of tresses that keep sticking out at an angle. Rub it dry as much as possible with a towel and let the damp tresses dry naturally.

Have long, messy hair? Just tie it up into a sleek pony tail.

3. While showering think of what you want to wear. Always have a standby last-minute outfit you can grab that will make you look neat, stylish and professional. Like a black sheath dress with red patent flats (so you can run), and a simple tote bag.

4. When brushing your teeth, exfoliate your lips with the toothbrush at the same time.

5. Prep skin with a moisturising BB cream that comes with SPF. That saves you two steps – moisturiser, sunscreen and foundation is all on your face in one step.

6. Apply concealer around your eyes. It will make you look more awake immediately.

7. Apply blusher on your cheeks. Liquid blushers or tints are easier to use. Just blend it quickly on the skin. Just make sure you only use a tiny amount, and equal amounts on each cheek. It will make you glow.

8. Wear some lipstick. Use a soft pink that matches your skin tone to add colour to your face. A soft pink means it doesn’t really matter even if you smudge it a little.
Keep your makeup simple so that you don’t waste time trying to correct mistakes.

9. Spray perfume with the nozzle at about half-an-arm’s length away on bare skin. Never spritz perfume with the nozzle just an inch away and on your clothing. It will leave a conspicuous stain that you can only get rid off by washing the clothing with detergent.

10. Bring along a small tube of body moisturiser in your bag. Apply it on your arms and legs when you’re in the privacy of your car/ taxi/ office cubicle.

What you shouldn’t do when you’re running late.

1. Be adventurous and try to use a new make-up product which you’re not sure how to use, like a new BB cream or liquid eyeliner.

2. Come up with a new and “interesting” outfit combination.

3. Wear very high heels that you can’t walk in.

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