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Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover


Possibly one of the best-smelling polish remover.

It makes me as happy as Karen Elson in this picture.

Sometimes, I don’t want to wear nail polish because I can’t stand the strong smell of the remover, and how it dries out my cuticles.

This product from Sephora is a dream to use. Don’t think I’ll use another again.

Here’s why:
– It’s easy to use and works fast.
Just stick your finger into a hole in the solution-soaked foam and wait for one minute (or less). Remove finger from foam. Nail polish is gone. Completely. No rubbing, no mess.

– It doesn’t dry out my cuticles and the delicate skin around it.
This product is dermatologically tested and formulated without acetone or parabens.

– The foam is re-usable.
Just keep sticking your fingers in. There’s no need to spend on and throw out cotton balls.

– It smells pleasant.
Unlike the strong acrid smell of regular polish.

Sephora has a great range of house-brand products, like this polish remover.

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