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Cohizadoll Knee Beauty Puff


The Japanese think of everything.

I have a problem with rough knees and elbows which can become an ashy grey; not a good sight when I am wearing short sleeves and a short skirt.

So I thought this ‘beauty puff’ could help.

(Even if you can’t fond the exact same one in the personal care store, there are plenty like this around)

It promises lighter and smoother knees and elbows in two steps:

1) Use the pink side to file away dead skin and fine hair. (Use on dry skin and in light, circular movements)


2) Use the blue side to smoothen out uneven skin and large pores.


I found that this works better on my elbows than knees, maybe because my elbows are rougher, so the end results were more obvious.

The finer hair on my elbows were removed, and the ingrown hair bumps were less visible too.

The slightly thicker hair on my knees remained behind.

Both areas became lighter and smoother.

Finish with a moisturiser because the puff can leave the skin a little dry.

You could use a body scrub in the shower, but this is useful when you want to beautify yourself while watching TV. Or when you’re bored at your work desk.

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