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Beauty Gazette: More to come – Reports on Beautiful Fashion, Lifestyle, Retail

It has been five years since The Beauty Gazette was launched, and what an incredibly satisfying journey.

After I left my job in the media, TBG has been a great escape from the daily grind of my corporate career It is the perfect outlet for my observations of the wild and wonderful emerging in the beauty industry.

I love makeup, skincare, and all things self-care. Because if you can’t look after and love yourself, then you can’t really expect to have the best life you should be living.

If you can’t love yourself, then you can’t really expect to live the best life.


Like many of you, the pandemic has made me re-assess my priorities including TBG. What should I drop, take on and refine?

So I’ve decided that since the lines between beauty, fashion, lifestyle and retail are increasingly blurred, TBG will also cover these other forms of self-indulgence, going forward.

I’ll be sharing more on all things bright, shiny and beautiful.

On top of my posts on beauty trends, I’ll keep you in the know of my favourite tried and tested fashion brands and products, and regular retailers I go to for my shopping fix.

I’ll be reviewing everything from iconic shoes and coats from luxury labels to the most flattering high street denim pieces, and outfits that provide a high ROI.

Because the truly fashionable know that the best outfits are a mix of luxury investment pieces and regular affordable high-street ones (with the occasional vintage treasure thrown in).

So stay tuned to see what I’ve been keeping my eye on and adding to my shopping bag.

And occasionally, I’ll also be sharing my favourite fashionable hangouts where you can watch the beautiful people.

So stay tuned, and thank you for being a loyal reader of TBG.

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