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K-Pop Beauty Icons: Blackpink

Light Up the Sky, the eye-opening documentary on the K-pop sensation Blackpink has debuted on Netflix.

We take a closer look at the trend-setting beauty and makeup styles of the four starlets.

Their makeup is the quintessential K-Beauty look: not over the top but accentuating the natural contours of softer Asian features.

#1 – Subtle smokey

Their lightly-lined and faintly smudged eyes keep the faces looking youthful while sultry and pretty.

Thin eyeliner to define the upper lashline, and lightly smudged neutral shadow just below the lower lashline.

Lisa Blackpink
Playing up Lisa’s big eyes
Jennie Blackpink
Jennie‘s accented almond eyes
Jinsoo Blackpink
Jinsoo‘s sexy smokey eyes
Jinsoo Blackpink
Jinsoo’s eyes, defined “naturally”
Jennie  Blackpink
Even while dramatic, Jennie’s eyeshadow is kept soft and feathered at the edges

#2 – Skin-glow-up pastel makeup

Flattering pastel rainbow shades on the hair, eyes, cheeks and lips.

Lisa of Blackpink
Lisa’s pink pastel shadow to match the hair
Jinsoo of Blackpink
Jinsoo’s coral lids with a pearlescent accent
Jinsoo of Blackpink
Jinsoo’s blush and coral rose pink lips
Rosie of Blackpink
Rosie’s coral brown shadow and platinum hair

#3 – The Ingenue makeup

Bright eyes with a flick and perfectly-lined bright red/ pink lips. Simple, but so glamourous.

Lisa of Blackpink
Lisa’s red lips add sophistication to a grungy look
Jinsoo of Blackpink
Jinsoo’s glossy pout ties the look together
Jinsoo of Blackpink
Jinsoo’s red lips with a satin-matte finish
Jennie of Blackpink
Jennie, the glamourpuss

#4 – Glowing skin

The makeup look of a Korean celebrity is not complete without beautifully luminescent skin.

Jinsoo of Blackpink
Makeup that plays up Jinsoo’s natural beauty
Lisa of Blackpink
Clear skin and subtly defined eyes
Jennie of Blackpink
Jennie’s tousled curls complement her clear skin, neutral-toned lips and eyes
Jennie of Blackpink
Not more than great base makeup to erase flaws, a hint of eye makeup and tinted gloss

Photos taken off the Instagram accounts of @jennierubyjane, @lalalalisa_m, @sooyaa__ @roses_are_rosie

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