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Crash Landing On You: Yoon Seri’s Beauty Secrets

Clearly, you are obsessed about the K-Drama Crash Landing On You, or you wouldn’t have clicked on this link.

Details of the lead character Yoon Seri’s wardrobe in this romantic drama has gotten its female fans excited.

And we’ve paid close attention to her beauty secrets.

Heiress Yoon Seri crash-landed in a village in North Korea

1. Use a face oil with plant botanicals.

2. Hot steam baths are great for the skin.

Scented candles are a must for Yoon Seri

3. Long, smooth and straight hair is the most flattering.

4. Pink or coral eyeshadow blended lightly around the eyes, make you look prettier when angry or crying.

5. The combination of translucent and moisturising pink lipstick, groomed brows and full lashes never go wrong.

6. Simple makeup goes with all outfits; from chunky block-coloured sweaters to frilly floral dresses and sharp tweed jackets.

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