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What makes you feel beautiful?

Is beauty more than skin deep?

For sure.

But skin-deep beauty is clearly important too (well, your demand for skincare and makeup fuels the entire beauty industry…)

Here are a few things that will make you feel great in your own skin, instantly. Click on the links to some of our favourites.

So the next time you need a beauty pick-me-up, you know what to do…

1. A good red lipstick.

2. Yoga or pilates session.

3. Exfoliating skincare.

4. New, body-flattering outfit.

5. Good brows (drawn-well).

6. Smokey eyes (blended properly) using a great shadow palette.

7. An inspiring book.

8. A blush that complements the skin tone.

9. Fresh haircut.

10. Love (from partner, family, friends, yourself.)

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