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Orbis Defencera Review: Hype or possibly the most delicious edible moisturiser?

A beauty routine is not just about what you apply on your skin, but what you pop into your mouth.

That is why a healthy and balanced diet is so important for glowing skin. 

And supplements are easy options to cheat your way to better skin.

One of the latest to hit the market and make waves is the Orbis Defencera, a powdered skincare supplement that promises to moisturise skin. The brand claims that 80,000 boxes were sold in the first month of its launch in Japan.

Each 1.5g sachet contains 1.8mg of glucosylceramide, or DF-Ceramide, extracted from brown rice. Ceramides play an important role in maintaining skin barrier function, moisture levels and resilience.

The beauty of swilling a ceramides oral supplement is that it also apparently stimulates the body to produce more ceramides, so skin is kept plump and more youthful, all over. 

It helps then, that the Orbis Defencera tastes like powdered yuzu candy, which melts in the mouth. We like to enjoy the sugar rush, then down it with a cup of water after. 

After months of clinical tests, the Orbis Defencera was given approval by the Consumer Affairs Agency of Japan, with the Food for Specified Health Uses stamp.

Over at The Beauty Gazette, after just a week of popping the powdered supplement, we saw an improvement in the plumpness and suppleness of skin around the mouth, elbows and hands.

The Orbis Defencera is a keeper.

Available at Orbis stores, at S$54 for a box of 30 x 1.5g sachets.

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