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Nars Marks 25th Anniversary with Lipsticks

Francois Nars launched his iconic eponymous makeup label 25 years ago.

This year, the brand marks its anniversary with 60 new lipstick shades.

To commemorate the 12 signature shades with their enigmatic names, Nars has also encased them in a red velvety bullet so you can pick them out straight:

* Honolulu Honey (neutral beige, satin finish)

* Blonde Venus (cool beige, matte)

*Morroco (warm cinnamon, matte)

*Casablanca (bold coral, satin finish)

*Funny Face (bright fuchsia, matte)

*Heat Wave (bright orange red, matte)

*Jungle Red (vivid blue red, satin)

*Trans Siberian (rich ruby rose, matte)

*Red Lizard (full-on red, matte)

*Shanghai Express (warm brick red, matte)

*Transeurope Express (deep rose, matte)

*Scarlet Express (rich blue red, matte)

Flattering, intensely pigmented, and traffic-stopping; Nars lipsticks should be a staple in your makeup bag.

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