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Natasha Denona Sunset Palette and Blush Duo #13

Though pricey – at US$125 for a 15-shade palette – Natasha Denona’s eyeshadow palettes have had beauty junkies raving about it on social media.

For good reason.

The pigments are fine, smooth, rich, and so easy to blend for a beautiful melding of shades for the perfect soft smokey eye. A few dabs with the brush will get you alot of colour on the lids.

There is also almost no fallout, so there is no mess on the under eye and cheeks during application.

The Sunset Palette has been consistently sold out since its launch a few months back.

Its appeal?

A perfect and on-point medley of shades that bring to mind a tropical sunset: burnt orange, terracotta red, gold shimmer, metallic peach, sunny yellow; all accented with a variety of transition brown and neutral matte shades.

This is one palette that you can truly create entire eye makeup looks from start to finish, with.

Complement the Sunset Palette with the Blush Duo compact, which offers a bright blush (so a little bit goes a long way) and highlighter sheen for a complete sun-kissed goddess make-up.

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