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Mamonde Micro Lip & Eye Remover 

Infused with the lotus flower extract, the new Mamonde Lip & Eye Remover is a gentle but effective water-based makeup cleanser.

It does not strip the skin of oils, and gets rid of long-wearing foundation at the end of the day; especially the pigment stuck around the corner of the eyes.

Lightly hydrating and slightly viscous, you could even use this formula as an on-the-go, non-rinse face cleanser.

For a more thorough cleansing, try the Triple Multi Cleansing Foam with Iris extract. 

This cream cleanser gently exfoliates, with a slightly oily emulsion to get rid of stubborn makeup; but leaves skin squeaky clean. Best used on oily/ combination skin.

Mamonde is now available at Sephora Singapore stores. 

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