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Qween lash extensions at Tang Plaza, Orchard 

When it comes to lash extensions, we are especially particular.

Bushy peepers are not our thing.

Eye infections are also the last thing we want, so hygiene and skill of the beautician are what we look out for at lash salons.

At the newly-opened Qween (Tangs L4, Tang Plaza, Orchard), we asked for soft and natural-looking lashes. The kind that the best Japanese lash salons are known for.

And Qween delivered, check out the result here.

We went for single artificial mink 12 mm lashes with a relatively subtle curl, each one attached to a single natural lash.

The job was done in about an hour in a small cabin room with a bed and a blanket, so you can take a snooze while your lashes are pretty-fied. Another plus, a collagen eye mask is placed on the undereye area to moisturise and brighten; while protecting the delicate skin from the lash glue.

So you literally leave the salon bright-eyed with the lashes, nap, and effects of the eye mask.

Jocelyn, the beautician, knew how to leave a tiny gap between the extensions and the lids, for comfort and hygiene. With the gap, the hair follicles get breathing space, and the natural lashes can grow as usual. So if you know how to keep the extensions clean, eye infections are less likely to occur.

Remember to keep the extensions away from water for the first six hours after they are glued on. The lashes on my right eye were done later, and I washed my face in the fifth hour. By the next day, at least three to four strands fell off; while the extensions on the right remained intact for five days before the first strand fell off.

Prices start from $118, and lashes are expected to stay on for around three weeks.

Qween lash extensions at Tangs

Joanne Ling, owner of Qween at Tang Plaza, Orchard


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