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Urban Decay Naked Skin Shapeshifter and Afterglow Highlighter Palette

With its new palettes that make skin look nakedly sexy, Urban Decay proves that it knows exactly what women want.

(Or make them think they know what they need.)

Urban Decay’s new products are handy with beautiful My-Skin-But-Better flattering shades for blending, contouring, sharpening, highlighting, adding shadow.

So you have the freedom to chisel your face without having to go under the plastic surgeon’s scalpel. All you need are good brushes, mad skills, and these palettes.

The Naked Skin Shapeshifter is the extension of the super successful Naked series that shaped Urban Decay from a hardcore punk-rock colour cosmetics label to a more sophisticated one that can also do nude shades to a T (or actually, a sculpted V).

The first Naked products are the eyeshadow palettes that come with 12 shades of browns, taupes, nudes and everything in between. Easy to use colours for everyday looks.

The Shapeshifter follows suit: packed with nine generous pots (up to 3.7g each) of pigmented and easy-to-blend cream and powder for colour-correction, contouring, and highlighting.

The powders comprise of a dark and medium chocolate brown powder, and a deep cocoa cream to be blended for contouring; yellow and orange-based creams for colour correction; nude cream and powder for concealing; and powder and cream shimmer for highlight. Plus a double-sided mirror sandwiched between a sturdy compact, you’ve got a winner.

The blending of the colour-correcting cream colours require a bit of skill: scoop up a tiny amount of product and blend on the back of your (clean) hands until you get the right shade.

For the cream colours, use brushes made from synthetic fibre; those of animal origin will absorb the oils and make blending tricky.

To complement the Shapeshifter, the Afterglow Highlighter Palette with four gorgeous  highlighter shades (4.5g each): the rose gold NSFW; champagne Bliss; icy pink Peroxide; and gold Side Piece.

All with pretty subtle shimmer.

Another perk: these powders can also double-up as eyeshadows for the inner corners of the eyes and brow bones.


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