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Aesop’s 30th, and the new Primrose Facial Hydrating Cream

This month, Aesop marks its third decade in the business.

The understated beauty label from Australia was launched from a hair salon in 1987, because its founder Dennis Paphitis wanted haircare products with essential oils that would keep his customers calm.

The haircare products proved successful, and he moved on to creating hand and body formulas, as well as skincare.

The basic idea behind Aesop? Using fewer but better ingredients in a smarter way.

Thirty years on, the brand is famous for its effective formulas (that always soothe frayed nerves with calming scents) packaged in simple pharma-style bottles and tubes. All sold in beautifully distinct boutiques with exceptional interior design – just like how Paphatis designed his original salon as a sanctuary for his clients.

It is fitting then that Aesop marks its 30th anniversary with a simple jar of cream. No limited edition collection, no celebrity endorsements, no fancy sets.

With sage leaf, rosemary leaf, and lavender stem as the star ingredients, the Primrose Facial Hydrating Cream is made for normal, dry, and stressed skin.

It soothed my skin, and left it with a matte finish. My face felt hydrated for the entire day, and stayed nicely matte (a sign that it is not dehydrated and over-compensating with excess sebum production).

The cream does what it promises to do (and smells like a relaxing spa).


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