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For Beloved Girl Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask

Taiwanese beauty label For Beloved One is one of the first Asian brands to be stocked in Sephora stores, and for good reason.

Its bio-cellulose masks are award-winning, as they plump up the skin immediately and give it long-lasting hydration.

(Bio-cellulose is a material that doctors use to treat the skin of burn victims, as the thick material seals up and protects the raw skin so that it heals faster.)

Most sheet masks don’t provide much moisture beyond the next 30 minutes. For Beloved One’s bio-cellulose masks do not dry up on the skin like regular sheet masks, even after I left it on for more than an hour. Afterwards, my skin is left feeling supple, tighter, and brighter for the entire day.

But For Beloved One Bio-Cellulose masks are pricey.

Now, to make its products more accessible to younger consumers, the more affordable For Beloved Girl will be launched in Singapore in April.

The range debuts with a series of masks made with a thin, “cloud-silk” cotton material infused with a serum of hyaluronic acid (to moisturise), calcium lactate (to renew and brighten), citric acid  (to brighten), potassium chloride (to firm), zinc gluconate (to mattify), as well as copper gluconate (to smoothe wrinkles).

At first, I was not sure how the thin cloud-silk material would measure up against the original bio-cellulose mask.

But after trying out the Na (Sodium Hyaluronate) Extreme Moisture version, I was very impressed.

Though thin – the soaked material is transparent when applied on the skin – the mask is elastic and wraps my face.

The “cloud-silk” material also soaks up the serum well, so the goodness sinks right into my skin once I smoothed the mask on.

This mask also remained moist throughout the whole 30 mins I had it on.

It left my dehydrated and tired skin feeling bouncy and soothed for the rest of the day.

At just S$16 for a box of three masks, I would totally stock up on it when it hits Sephora Singapore stores.


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