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Wella SP Luxe Oil range

If you spend hundreds each time at the salon to get that picture-perfect (permed/ coloured/ bleached/ highlighted/ balayaged) locks, haircare products from the supermarket shelves just won’t cut it. 

When your hair has undergone so much chemical treatment, regular shampoo and hair masks are inadequate in treating the dryness, frizziness, and other signs of damage.

That is why I always invest in good professional haircare products. They may be pricier, but they make my hairstyle (colour and texture, especially) look salon-fresh for longer.

Wella’s signature Luxe Oil SP range is a trio that works for me. I bleach my hair once every couple of months. And the products keep my hair supple, conditioned, smooth.

The mask sinks right into my dehydrated locks without weighing it down; while the oil slicks frizziness, and keep flyaways in place.

With a good haircut from my regular stylist, and the Wella Luxe Oil SP collection, I spend less time getting my hair ready in the mornings, and bad hair days are almost non-existent ✌🏻️

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