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Nars Velvet Lip Glide

The lip products from Nars are always a dream to use.

Formulated with the latest technology from its parent company – Japanese beauty conglomerate Shiseido – the lipsticks always deliver.

The new Velvet Lip Glide collection comprises of 13 shades of nudes, pinks, reds, and plums.

How the liquid lipsticks feels like on the lips:

Lightweight, semi-translucent in one coat but packed with vibrant colour pigments, non-sticky, moisturising, comfortable, semi-glossy finish, stains lips. Easy-to-use wand, fuss-free.

Pictured here from left: Deviant (deep burgundy); Unlaced (nude pink); Danceteria (fuchsia); Le Palace (deep cherry red); Area (rich chestnut); Playpen (pink coral).

Check out the swatches here.

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