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Nars Survival Kit 2

All you need to look like you’ve got everything in control. 

Like when you’re at the airport of a foreign country for a  work trip and discover that your luggage didn’t arrive with you.

Or when you’ve just got yourself a fabulous but tiny purse, and need to fit your whole life in it. 

Enter the Nars Survival Kit 2. 

The palette features the light lavender Tokyo II (also colour-correcting) eyeshadow to brush all over the lids  to make eyes look brighter. 

The rich, deep brown Galapagos eyeshadow with gold flecks is made for smudged, sexy smokey eyes. Some prefer to wet the brush and use the shadow as liner. 

The Modesty and Day Dream Blush make for multi-dimensional cheek bones; use the light colour on top cheek bones and the coral pink on apples of cheeks to hairline. 

The pigmented deep red-fuchsia Phantasia Lip Gloss adds polish and a pop of colour to the face. 

Complete eye makeup with Black Moon Audacious Mascara. 

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