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Miacare Acne Patch

I’ve been fortunate enough to not have had to deal with an acne problem when I was in my teens.

But as I grew older, I get adult acne occasionally on my chin and around my nose.

It is deeply frustrating as the deep cystic bumps spoil the overall look of my makeup.

So often, I just try to find the quickest way to get rid of the acne, while trying my best to not squeeze or poke them. For fear that I will be left with dark patches of pigmentation (I don’t get scars so much). 

I also dislike strong salicylic-infused formulas that cause my skin to peel, and don’t really work for me.

So besides this Aesop Fabulous Face Oil to clear the bumps, I swear by this Miacare acne patch.

The way it works is surprisingly simple. 

The small patches – the size of a pimple – are made from medical grade hydrocolloid dressing usually used by medical professionals to heal wounds. 

These patches seal off the oxygen in the area, so the skin works doubly hard to send nutrients and oxygen through the blood to the area. So it heals more quickly.

The patch also protects the area from bacteria and further inflammation, and absorbs pus out of open comedones. So place this on a pimple that is about to erupt, and you get a flattened bump the next day.

This really heals pimples quickly (like overnight sometimes), with no scars.

The only downside: this patch does not work on deep cystic pimples so much, only when the nasties get to the surface of the skin.

(I always place the patch over the cystic bumps till they reach the surface for eruption! To feel like I am doing something about the situation.)

The day and night patches are both just as effective. But the day one is more transparent, and looks a little more invisible on the skin. Still, I do not recommend that you wear make-up with this patch on, as it will not blend into your foundation.

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