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Nars Spring 2016 collection picks

There is something about all the best colour cosmetic shades.

They don’t look like much in the pot or barrel. But the subtle colours offer just the right tint for a perfect make-up look.

I am in love with Nars’ new lipstick in Banned Red #9401. 

It is an easy-to-wear milky red marsala-coloured lipstick that is incredibly flattering. If you want that je ne sais quois quality that French women seem to possess, this red lipstick is a good place to start.

The colour is not too flashy, but it makes you look mysterious enough without coming across as being pretentious.

This sophisticated shade is opaque in one slick, and has a soft shine to it. It is long-lasting and stains the lips as well.

See what I mean.

The Beauty Gazette’s other top pick from Nars’ spring collection: the new Blush Duo in Hot Sand/ Orgasm.

I’ve never reached out for another pink/coral powder blush after I got my hands on the iconic Orgasm shade for the first time.

The perfect peachy pink with subtle gold flecks will indeed give you that flushed, post-coital glow. 

This shade is made for fair to medium skin tones.

So I was pretty excited to see Orgasm paired with the sexy bronzer Hot Sand for Nars’ new Blush Duo. Now, you can sculpt and shape your face to perfection with a single palette. 

Trust me, after I learnt how to use the bronzer; it took my make-up skills to another level. 


  1. kellimariesocial says

    I’ve always looked for the perfect Red shade, so will now give this a go. Hopefully it will work with my skin tone.

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