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Switch up your skincare routine

As a former journalist on the beauty beat, I was privileged enough to roadtest all kinds of products.

From products that contain gold and diamond dust, algae extracts from the deep sea, to simple and pure plant oils, I’ve tried them.

Luxury to drugstore, I’ve smoothed the latest formulas on my skin.

One thing that I’ve learnt?

You have to switch up your skincare to get the maximum benefits for your skin.

One reason: There are so many different new product launches every month, made with newly-discovered ingredients, using the latest technologies….why should you stick to just the same old ones? (Check out the brand’s latest Insta pictures below)

Try a new formula. Don’t like it? Just switch back. You will also most likely discover a few new gems along the way.

But the most pertinent reasons for you to tweak your skincare ritual are these:

1) The condition of your skin is not the same 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Skin vs climate

If you live in a country with four seasons, or travel frequently, naturally you would know that a gel moisturiser alone will do nothing to protect skin in sub-zero temperatures. A thicker cream that works to protect skin in a blistering winter will only cause breakouts in a hot sticky humid environment.

Skin vs time of day

This might sound basic, but I am constantly surprised that many actually don’t know this.

What you apply on your face in the day should not be the same as what you slather on at night.

In the day, skin needs protection from the sun; so sunscreen is essential.

While you sleep, the skin regenerates itself. So a pampering mask or cream works best then.

Skin vs hormonal cycles

This is especially applicable to women. Throughout your cycle, hormone levels rise up and down. One week your skin could feel dry and tight; another week oily with red bumps about to erupt. Your lifestyle habits: stress levels, diet, and amount of exercise will cause the skin condition to vary.

Use common sense then: give skin TLC with a nourishing mask, plant oils and rich moisturisers when skin is parched. And lightweight serums and soothing  creams when the skin feels irritated.
2) The effect of skincare plateaus

Honestly, there is only so much one skincare product can do for your skin. It could work well for three days, a week, a month, or even six months, and skin just does not seem to improve further. Yes, the condition is maintained as long as yu use the formula, but that is all you get. Pores do not shrink further, skin is not even clearer, and wrinkles are not  smoothened any more.

Because perhaps that is about as far as that beauty potion can take your skin on the journey to perfection. The simple solution? Find another one.

Or add a new booster serum or essence to maximise the benefits of your trusted product.

You could always return to your old routine when the new one no longer “excites” your skin.

If you can get bored of eating the same thing everyday, so does your skin.

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