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A classic beauty formula

How many beauty potions out there are made with a formula concocted more than a hundred years ago? 

Of course, the others that come to mind is the heavy Hazeline Snow cream (late 1800s) and Nivea Creme (early 1900s).

But Shiseido’s Revitalizing Essence – launched in 1897 as the first pharmaceutical-based lotion – is unique. 

Scented with “rain-washed peonies”, this lightweight watery lotion is made to soften and prepare skin for the deeper absorption of other skincare. At the same time, it moisturises skin lightly.

Fast forward to 2016, watery skincare essences and lotions are a must-have in the beauty routines of Asian women.

Shiseido was founded as a Western-style pharmacy in 1872. And today it is still on point with its Eudermine lotion, which continues to be part of Shiseido’s product line-up. 

Of course, the original formula has been tweaked to better suit the skin of modern women.

In my opinion, the sleek and modern red glass bottle (with the red glass stopper, and the unique lettering) is the epitome of chic.

The faceted bottle in the picture above was re-launched for the brand’s 140th anniversary. Eudermine looks just like it did when it first hit shelves in Ginza, Japan in 1897, and marked Shiseido’s foray into the cosmetics business.

Soak a cotton pad in it and wipe face, or pat a few drops  directly onto skin for added suppleness. 


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