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Shiseido Future Solution LX Universal Defense     

Good sunscreens are incredibly important if you want youthful skin. Nothing ages the skin like harmful UV rays (besides stress, and a smoking habit).


I really like this one by Shiseido.

It is rich, thick and creamy; but sinks well into the skin without a sticky or greasy after feel. There is no visible white residue on the skin either.

 The moisturising formula – I use this when I need extra hydration on top of a lightweight oil – makes this a good makeup primer as well.

Shiseido is one of my fave brands for sunscreens. Because the Japanese are particular about the textures of their skincare, Shiseido always aces the difficult-to-formulate high protection sunscreen (which can end up thick, sticky, and leave skin with a white cast). The technologies used in their sun protection products blow me away too; their latest waterproof one protects the skin even more when it touches water (will share more on that in another post). 

Another reason why I love this product: the packaging.

The cap is made with this expensive- looking pearlescent material with a gold insignia in the middle. 

Just makes me feel good every time I uncap  the tube! 

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