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La Mer The Treatment Lotion

Essence lotions are a must in skincare routines.

Skincare products – serums and moisturisers – just don’t seem to sink in as well when I apply them on just-washed towel-dried skin.

One of my all-time faves is La Mer’s The Treatment Lotion.

The watery lotion is a little viscous and spreads easily.

I like to use it immediately after a shower, while my skin is still wet (once you wipe dry with a towel, the skin becomes tight and stiff).

After tapping it thoroughly into my skin, the essence makes it feel bouncy.

That, is a perfect time for me to press in some oils – warmed between my palms – into my skin.

This essence has helped to make my skin look clearer, refine my pores and clear up the clogged ones.

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