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Reverence de Bastien Unguent for Nails & Cuticles


Every now and then, I come across a genius in the beauty industry.
And Bastien Gonzalez is one of them.

A famous podiatrist and nail “doctor” to the stars and royalty, Gonzalez famously came up with the dry pedicure, where he uses a series of mechanical nail files to shape the nails. He does this without water so the nails are trimmed to perfection (and not too short as water-soaked nails expand). This method is more hygenic too.

He has a nice range of products to conplement his services, and I really like this berry-scented unguent.

It is a little rich and greasy – a bit goes a long way – but it sinks right into hardened skin and scraggly cuticles to smoothen and soften them.

The unguent promises to help nails to grow healthily too.

My big toenail falls off quite often from too much running and hiking, and it usually grows back with bumpy ridges.

This rich gel helps soften the skin around the new nail so it will grow with a smooth surface.

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