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Beauty school: Blend Your Own Skincare and Makeup

The concealer feels too dry?

Need some sunscreen protection with the BB cream?

I like to mix my skincare with my cosmetics for the best results.

For example, I add eye serum to my concealer to make the fine lines look less obvious.

Sunscreen to my foundation for added protection.

An oil to moisturising cream to make it richer.

Here are some tried and tested rules to mixing, matching and blending your products:

1) Do not mix more than two products together.
It is not necessary, as you really only need two formulas to balance each other out.

2) Match the textures.
Based on my experience, here’s what I feel blends together best.
Oil + Oil-based formula
Oil + Cream
Water-based formula + Gel-based formula
Cream + Cream
Cream + Powder
Water-based formula + Oil

3) Stick to products with simple properties.
If you mix products with plenty of active ingredients, you might cause a bad reaction on the skin. So stick to mixing simple, single purpose products.

4) Mix products only when you need it.

5) How to mix:
Always use warm hands to mix.
Runny skincare formulas in the middle of the palms.
Viscous and coloured makeup formulas on the back of the hand, so you know how much to mix for the the desired colour.

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  1. What an awesome idea! :) I’ve only tried adding moisturiser to foundation but nothing else. I’ll try the others! :D

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