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Beauty School: How to look good without makeup

You should never use makeup as a crutch.

Only to complement your natural features and complexion.

Here’s what I’ve learnt so far about the tips and tricks to glowing, naked skin.

But first, here are some celebs-without-makeup pics to inspire you.






These pictures were grabbed off Google Images.

Okay so maybe some of these stars did have some BB cream or a tad of liner here and there.

But you get the idea. They look good with nothing much else on their faces, on their off-duty days.

Here’s what you should do to get great skin because it worked for me.

1. Keep your skin clean.
Never sleep with your makeup on. In fact, you should strip it all off the moment you reach home, and let your skin breathe.
Even if you didn’t wear any makeup for the day, give it a wipe with a water-based cleanser or pre-packed facial cloth to get rid of the grime.
Then give skin a thorough cleanse with a wash when you shower.

2. Exfoliate.
Dead skin cells build up. In worst case scenarios, they cause your skin to look flaky (I get them on the cheekbones, chin and around my nose).
Get rid of the surface dirt and dead cells more effectively, and you will be left with brighter, clearer skin.
And the skincare you use will be better absorbed.
Invest in a Clarisonic.

3. Use a softening essence.
This could be a watery toner or lotion. It softens skin that could get a little dry after a wash, so the skincare applied later gets in more effectively.

4. Serum is important.
Apply it before your moisturiser,  as it is packed with potent ingredients, and penetrates deeper into the skin than the moisturiser. You can skip the moisturiser if you wish, but do not stinge on serum.

5. Sunscreen is crucial.
A silky smooth textured one will even make your foundation glide on more easily.
Protecting your skin with broad spectrum sunscreen is the way to a youthful complexion.
I like to spread it all around my neck and decolletage to keep the areas fair and spotless.

6. Exercise.
My skin always look brighter, tighter and clearer after a cardio workout.
Probably because the toxins are purged through my sweat.
It helps me get rid of water retention on my face too.

7. Eat well.
I drink quality olive oil. Ok, maybe not. But I soak my pizzas and wholemeal bread (which I eat all the time) in it.
I also pop a Vit C (1,000mg, the max the body can absorb) pill everyday to help with collagen production (got this tip from the trusty Allure magazine).

8. Sleep well.
My skin literally tuns grey when I don’t have enough sleep.
Give it time to recharge and repair itself.
For me, I need 8 to 9 hours every night. And I get the best rest if I sleep before 11pm.

9. Drink loads of water.
Skip the sugary drinks and alcohol, as much as you can. And see your skin plump up.

Stick to these tips (some of them are not new, I know, but they work) for a month and see the difference.

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