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Hakuhodo face brushes

Two of the best face brushes around.

If you don’t already know, Hakuhodo is the gold standard of makeup brushes.

The Japanese company also makes brushes, or what they call fude, for fine art artists. They include calligraphy brushes as well as super fine ones for painting the faces of tiny porcelain dolls.

So you can only imagine the artistry that goes into these beautiful brushes.

The black brush – G503 Blush Brush L Angled – is perfect for contouring.

It is made from a mix of horse and goat hair, which are elastic and dense.

This brush gives me the contours where I need them, such as under my cheekbones and jawline.

But the lines can look a little too harsh with this brush, so be sure to blend properly. I fish out my kabuki brush to further blend out the bronzer when it gets too much.

The white brush is the brand’s best-selling goat hair blusher brush, the J110.

It allows me to control my blusher powder perfectly, and blend it out for a natural finish.

It’s not easy to find a brush that lets you create a natural-looking flush, and this is a winner.

You can stock up on these brushes here.


    • anonymousbeautyeditor says

      They last a long time, so divide the price by the number of times you would use it! :)

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