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Aveda Sun Care Hair And Body Cleanser


This shampoo-cum-bodywash from Aveda’s Suncare range is awesome.


1. It does not cause coloured hair to lose its shine.

2. It gets rid of chlorine from the pool water, salt from the sea, and hair product build-up. Making it perfect as a clarifying shampoo.

3. It contains good stuff: coconut oil, green tea, sunflower oil, vitamin E, ylang ylang, neroli. So yes, it smells citrusy fresh too.

4. It is a convenient 2-in-1 formula for fuss-free travel. It can also be used as a gentle facial wash.

5. It leaves my hair and skin mighty soft and smooth.

6. I use it everyday, and my hair and scalp will not feel sticky with build-up.

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