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Laneige Dual Pot


These remind me of ice cubes in glasses of cool juice.

They’re from Laneige’s summer Love Recipe collection.

These lip and cheek pots (ok, the purple one is actually a highlighter/concealer) are so pretty.


Anyway, this is a review of the Strawberry Chocolate pot because I think the colours are the prettiest.

The lip colour is a nice, rosy pink.


It stains the lips quite well too.

While the cheek colour is a creamy peachy pink with fine gold glitter. Very pretty.

The pot comes with a little lip brush.


Now, on to the clear acrylic packaging. It is so beautiful, and super modern.

They look like works of art to me.


The purple and yellow Blueberry Ganache doesn’t really work well as a highlighter/concealer.  Or maybe I just don’t know how to use it.

The orange hued pot is awesome though. The bright orange lip and cheek shades are perfect for sunny days by the pool.

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