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Laura Mercier Eye Canvas


Are oily lids the bane of your existence?

My oily lids and teary eyes ruin my make-up in approximately 15 mins in humidity.

I might as well have buttered my lids before I wore my eyeshadow; the effect will be the same.

So I discovered this baby and am hooked.

Its texture is like a dry concealer. Just tap and blend this on the lids.

It evens out the colour of your lids (so it does act like a concealer) and primes them.

Eyeshadow goes on smoothly and remain blendable.

That’s why it’s called the Eye Canvas! So brilliant.

I hate how some primers instantly make the powders stick and unblendable so you end up with patchy spots.

And! My eyeshadow stays on beautifullly with minimal creasing and smudging for the whole bloody hot day.

The more wonderful makeup items I discover, the more products I have in my makeup pouch, and the longer I take to put on my makeup.

But that’s the sacrifice if you want to look flawless and polished.

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