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Beauty School: Red Carpet Makeup Tricks


Makeup artist Angela Levin shared the tips and tricks she uses to get stars ready for the red carpet in this month’s Allure magazine.

The make-up artist for Chanel has done up the faces of stars like Marion Cotillard and Nicole Kidman.

She reveals a few tricks that are particularly useful for you when you have to be at a black tie/red carpet event, and can only carry the tiniest clutch to match your gown.

How do you slip in all the makeup you need for touch-ups??

That has always been problematic for me.

Here are Levin’s tricks1. For face touch-ups: buy disposable mini powder puffs.

Sprinkle loose powder on one, fold it in half, rub it together, shake off excess powder, and wrap in tissue.
Tiny enough for a clutch but good enough for touch-ups throughout the evening. I would recommend that you blot your face with tissue to get rid of excess oils first, before using the puffs.
Plain powder puffs can be found at Daiso stores.

2. For lipstick touch-ups: tiny containers filled with scraped lipstick and a lipbrush.

Of course, this is only necessary if your clutch is so small it cannot fit a lipstick.

3. For getting rid of smudges: makeup remover sticks/ buds.

Other awesome tips from the story…

– Stick gel pad masks on your undereye, then apply eye makeup. This moisturises the under eye while catching the messy eyeshadow fallout.

– Apply a mattifying cream on oily t-zone areas only. This leaves the rest of the face looking nice and dewy, without the unnecessary shine.

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