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Beauty School: How to wear make-up while looking in the mirror


It’s a no brainer. Or is it not?

Of course you look into the mirror while applying make-up so you don’t put lipstick on your lids.

But how do you do it right?

Especially when it comes to wearing eye make-up, you have to look straight into the mirror with a relaxed face.

When drawing on your brows, don’t arch or lift them, or you’ll end up looking surpised for the rest of day.

Looking straight into the mirror while applying eye makeup is particularly important for Asian women who do not have symmetrical double eyelids.

The problem: the eyeshadow does not look like it is applied evenly on both sides when you open your eyes and look into the mirror (and that is how you look like to others for the entire day).

For Caucasian women with super deep set eyes, the problem is that after you’ve carefully applied your eye makeup on the lids, you can’t see it when you open your eyes. Because it is all hidden between the folds of your deep eyelids.

The solution: look straight into the mirror, then use the eyeshadow you are about to use to lightly outline the area on the lids where your eyeshadow should end.

Then slightly lift your chin and look down, as you always do when wearing eye makeup, and fill in the areas within the outline you made earlier.

And voila!!!

Perfect eye makeup that looks symmetrical and just the way you want it to look when you open your eyes.

Of course, I must add that the dressing table and mirror must be well lit as well for this trick to work.


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