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Faking a toned body with highlighter and bronzer

Fake it till you make it. 

Got the perfect cocktail dress but not the body? 

Use makeup for days when you just don’t have the time for a gym or yoga session.

Hollywood celebrities never step onto the red carpet without countless gym sessions, and a good body “sculpting” session with their makeup artist.

All you need: a bronzer and highlighter. Both cream and powder ones will work just fine.
The bronzer is for creating shadows, the highlighter for brightening and creating a 3D effect.

– Collar bone. A great pair of clavicles is sexier than you think.




1. Push out your collarbones.

2. Apply a light dusting of highlighter along your collarbones.

3. Brush on a little bronzer – not too much or you’ll just look dirty – in the hollows of the collarbones.

– Cleavage.



1. Push your boobs together to see where your natural cleavage is. If you don’t need to do this to find your cleavage, skip this step trick entirely. You don’t need it!

2. If you are not well-endowed… apply a little bronzer down the middle, and bring it up the top of one side of your chest. Think of an asymmetrical ‘Y’.
Since your boobs are never perfectly symmetrical – unless they are fake – sculpting them with bronzer should be done with skill.

3. Apply some highlighter on the top of your boobs to make them look fuller.

– Calves and thighs


1. Apply a liquid bronzer (so it is easier to spread evenly) all over your legs. The light that reflects off your muscles will make them look more toned.

Pic sources: Internet

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