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Beauty School: Wearing lipstick


This is the first of a new series of posts on secrets to wearing make-up flawlessly and using skincare products correctly.

First up, perfecting the painted pout:

– Always exfoliate lips first, so the colour glides on beautifully. Flakey lips ain’t sexy.
Use a lip sugar scrub or damp muslin cotton.

– Moisturise with a lip balm to plump up fine lines.

– If you want the lip colour to stay on for the rest of the day, use a lip or lid primer on your pout first.

– Then use a lip liner (that is similar to the lip colour) to outline the lips in soft and inward, feathery strokes. This helps to make sure that you apply the colour precisely, and won’t be left with a Pam Anderson look: a dark lip line as your lipstick fades.

– Apply the lip colour (finally).

– Turn your glossy lip colour into a matte one with fine face setting powder. Apply a layer onto the lip colour, rub it in, and dust off the excess. This will give the lipstick extra staying power too.

Pucker up!


pictures: unknown sources

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