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Lyon: Peggy Sage Paris

Today’s post comes from the beautiful Lyon, where I discovered the Peggy Sage brand. I am sure there are stores in Paris but I didn’t see any.

Some info about the brand: the site says it was founded in 1925, and it specialises in salon supplies.
I stumbled across it when I was wondering along the rue du President, Edouard Herriott (the store is at number 10, 69001 Lyon).

I knew I struck gold when I saw all kinds of professional beauty salon supplies and cosmetics, skincare, nail paraphernalia etc. in the store.

The prices were pretty reasonable, all that I bought here cost about 9 or 10 euros apiece.

Peggy Sage also has lots of colours and variety for each product type.

Here’s what I swiped off the shelves 15 min to closing time (7pm; work-life balance is key in France).

This highlighter powder is shimmery and evens out skin tone.

Best for dusting on cheekbone, collar bones and shoulders for a night out.

Goat hair brushes that I needed. A kabuki, blusher and eyeshadow brushes.

A nail file – I had cracked and split nails – and tweezers.
I forgot to bring them.

There were also some very nice 3D nail stickers which I’m thinking of going back to buy today.

I’ll be doing up a post on shopping in Lyon next!

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